In response to the various changes occurring in social, education and human natures, The Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology, Okayama University was restructured into the current graduate school since April, 2006. The new-born graduate school is committed into 4 main disciplines aiming to provide high quality education.
Committing to produce quality researchers, we were restructured into a more sophisticated and dynamic graduate school. Our program won a grant for “Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate school” from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
In this program, besides the attempt of systemizing the undergraduate and post graduate program, we also aim to produce self-motivate researchers through the Frontier & Fundamental Sciences education program and also on-field education by the regional frontier research center(Spring-8, HiSOR, KAMIOKANDE and Kochi-Core). Steps taken are shown below:

  1. Providing 6 years solid education by synchronizing the undergraduate program curriculum with the master program curriculum.
  2. Well-balanced in between lectures, practical and research and practical training at regional frontier research center.
  3. Organizing International Young Researcher symposium.
  4. Incentives for those who excel in both domestic and overseas research center.
  5. Advisory board and researcher development record were implemented in order to standardize and making the Dr. Degree evaluation process transparent.
  6. Releasing information on various program progresses through the homepage.