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  1.SPring-8     2.HiSOR     3.Quantum space science course

Synchrotron Radiation Science course

In the Radiation science course, we are committed in yielding a researcher that could break through the current limitations and create cutting-edge equipments by applying the knowledge on fundamental science.

1.SPring-8(Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute(JASRI))

An internship program collaborating with the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research InstituteiJASRIj
Students will be able to obtain valuable knowledge from manufacturing to quality assurance, as students have chance to interact directly with the product end-user, cooperates R&D personnel and students from other university. All these will turn into valuable experience in studentfs career path.

2.HiSOR (Hiroshima Synchrotron radiation center)

We have our own gbeam lineh at the Hiroshima Synchrotron radiation center, students could gain knowledge on radiation mechanism, vacuum technology and surface treatment by attending the practical course.


SPring-8 and HiSOR are only 1 hour by car and 2hours by Shinkansen away from Okayama University, respectively, allowing close collaboration between both centers and Okayama University.

3.Quantum space science course

In the quantum space science course, we are committed in yielding an international minded researcher by collaborating with the faculty of sciencefs quantum space center. Student will be expose to cutting-edge quantum science and laser technology.

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