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Approach on the Ph.D program

1.International Young Researcher Symposium

In order to develop international minded researcher with good communication skill, International Young Researcher Symposium using English as the medium will be held for PhD candidate, research assistant, young academic staff and foreign researcher.

2.Supporting programs

  • International & Domestic internship program. In order to develop self-motivate researcher, financial aid will be given to those who intend to conduct study at domestic or overseas research center. Participating in such program allows one in developing social skill, communication skill, international minded and etc. This is program is also available for master program student who will continue in PhD program.
  • Conference supporting program - Students are strongly encouraged in participating conferences which would help in develop communications skill and presentation skill.
  • TA program - Recruitment of Teaching Assistance is conducted through open recruitment in order to create competitive researcher.

3.With our original researcher development program, a standardized supervising program is aimed for easier understanding.

Personal research progress record for all PhD candidates will be created and evaluate by appropriate academic parties. Evaluation will be done through the “Advisory board”. Advisory board is consists of supervisor, vice-supervisors, academic staffs (Assist. Prof., lecturer), or even external parties if necessary. Besides, in the efforts of standardizing the evaluation process, the record of candidates will be partly open to public through the homepage. Joining the advisory board is also a good exposure and a self-improvement experience for young academic staffs. This eventually will uphold the high education level of university.

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