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   1.Research Center of Quantum Universe      2.Kamioka Observatory   3.CERN

Environmental earth science course

In the Radiation science course, we are committed in yielding a researcher that could break through the current limitations and create cutting-edge equipments by applying the knowledge on fundamental science.

1.Research Center of Quantum Universe

Committed in providing cutting-edge laser technology by conducting cosmic evaluation study and so on.

2.Kamioka Observatory, Institute for Cosmic Ray Research(ICRR), University of Tokyo

Being one of the world famous observatory for supernova neutrinos, solar neutrinos and atmospheric neutrinos and also the study of the Grand Unified Theories of particles, student will be able to obtain cutting-edge knowledge on elementary particle physics.
Item 1 and 2 listed above are included as practical training course for master program.


A big scale particle physics detector was created with the collaborative efforts ever attempted in the physical sciences from around the world will explore the fundamental nature of matter and the basic forces that shape our universe. PhD. candidate are required to conduct their study here by having a period of stay here as part of the curriculum.

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